A relapse can occur when you are sober for a long period of time but returns to substance abuse. A slip is when you return to substance abuse but stops when they automatically regret their decision. It can be a spur of the moment decision and still want to have a sober life. Being aware of any triggers and having support with you will prevent a slip from turning into a relapse.

An addict can slip if they feel overwhelmed with emotions that they cannot think rationally. They could be experiencing strong cravings and are in a place where they can easily acquire substances such as being in a bar or going to the liquor section of the grocery store. You could also be having a bad day and use that as an excuse to use again. It can also be as a way of punishing people who do not like to see you under the influence. Maybe you decided to go back to your old habits but then immediately regretted it.

If you start to abuse substances again, stop right away and think about what just happened. You can use this slip as a sign that there is something wrong and you need to think of better treatment options. You should investigate this slip and learn from it to prevent it happening again. You should also consider finding support if you feel like you are going to slip again like your sober friends, a therapist, or your sponsor. Remember that the only failure you could experience during your recovery is giving up. A slip is just a temporary setback that you can move forward from if your recovery is important to you.

You can learn from your mistakes so you can never repeat it again. You should double your efforts to ensure you will be successful in your sobriety. You must be willing to do what it takes to stay sober. It can mean making sacrifices like never visiting a bar again or staying away from friends who abuse substances as well as continuing to go to your 12 Step meetings. You must be aware of your common relapse triggers and come up with strategies to prevent this slip from turning into a relapse. Being sober should be your number one priority from now on and if you move past making impulsive decisions, you will have a successful recovery.

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