Dating is challenging for anyone, especially for people in recovery. Maybe it has been awhile since being in a relationship or it is a new thing to date sober. Triggers can happen anytime, but being aware of what happens when triggers come up can help you navigate this sometimes challenging terrain.

What Are Triggers

Addiction triggers are anything that makes a person want to go back to using drugs or drink. Triggers include people that used to be in a person’s life or places that remind a person of using drugs or drinking. This may include negative emotions like anger, fear, frustration, or stress that bring up negative feelings. A fight may trigger it and, of course, dating other people can be triggering depending on many factors.

Reduce Stress

This can be a challenging thing to do because stress happens in life every single day. Learning the right coping skills can help you relax and get through the triggering incident without relapse. When dating in recovery, it helps to find places and situations where you can go out and date without feeling triggered. This may mean meeting in a public space like a mall or somewhere that does not provide the ambiance or aroma that can trigger your senses. The point is to reduce stress so start with picking an environment to go out on a date that will not be triggering.

Have Mindful Thoughts

Thoughts and emotions get away quite easily before you realize it. Feelings of anger and resentment an seethe below the surface and you are not even aware it is happening. Stay aware of your thoughts, attitudes and feelings. Throughout the day, make a point of assessing your emotional state. When it comes to dating, think about how you are feeling. If you are able to name the feeling, you can practice mindfulness and meditation to bring the feeling into check so you feel better without getting lost in a loop of worrying.

Date in Groups

Dating alone in sobriety can be intimidating. It may help to go out with sober friends who are committed to sobriety and it takes the stress off of dating the person one-on-one. Going out with people in sobriety does not need to add stress and anxiety to an already fraught situation. Bring people along with you that help calm your nerves and settle you. They may also help hold you accountable if triggers pop up in conversation or the environment.

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