Physical abuse can be easy to detect if you notice a child with constant bruises on themselves. Emotional neglect, on the other hand, is not as noticeable as it is when your parents are not paying attention to you or your feelings for a number of reasons. It is important not to let the way we were treated as children affect us when we get older and to break the cycle when we become parents ourselves.

Emotional neglect can be when your parents place unrealistic expectations on you or are constantly ignoring you. When you get older, you can experience symptoms like being easily overwhelmed or discouraged, feel something is missing emotionally, are a perfectionist, have a low self-esteem, or can be sensitive to rejection.

Authoritarian parents have strict views on how you should live which can cause you to be rebellious or submissive to every order someone gives you. Permissive parents are the opposite where they are very relaxed about the rules which can confuse you about what your boundaries and limits should be. Narcissistic parents only think about their own needs instead of their children’s, making kids feel undervalued. Perfectionist parents always feel like their children can do more or better than how they are now which can cause kids to become perfectionists later in life. Absent parents can be away from their parents whether they are sick, divorced, work long hours, or are constantly traveling for work. They end up raising themselves or their younger siblings, feeling like they have to take care of everyone.

As an adult, you might feel like you need to do better with your emotions. Write down all of the emotions you experience on a daily basis and see which emotions you tend not to feel and what you would like to improve. For any imbalanced or missing emotions, express your feelings to a therapist and they can help change your thought patterns. If you feel constant anxiety to do the right thing, remember to try your best and that it is fine to fail once in a while. Accept assistance whenever it is offered as you may always be used to taking care of things but let people once in a while take care of you. Do not let the cycle continue as you should be there for your children as much as possible and let them know you love them.

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