When addiction has you in its vice-like grip, it’s not uncommon for people to do some pretty unspeakable things, in pursuit of or fueled by their substance addiction. People suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol can find themselves in a downward spiral in many ways, including doing things they never imagined they would do. For some, this is stealing, even from friends and family, to help support a habit. For others, they may have  even killed someone under the influence, whether in an accident or in an altercation sparked by the substance use. Even the things we say while battling addiction can come back to haunt us. Friendships and relationships can be broken, families destroyed, and when you come into sobriety, it can be hard to come to terms with what you did. While your past is your past, and should stay there, it’s okay to be remorseful for your actions, especially if they had a negative impact on someone you love.

Before you can find your peace, and move forward from the choices you made in the past, you have to forgive yourself. Even before you ask the people around you to forgive you, you have to find some way to let go of what you did, whatever it was. You owe it to yourself to accept any consequences from your actions, and push ahead. As much as we wish it could be otherwise, there’s nothing we can do about the past. Learn from it, and let it go.

You also have to accept that not everyone is going to be ready to forgive you when you want them to, and you have to let them decide.Some people may not be able to forgive you, and that’s their choice. They have to live with that decision, not you. If you try to make amends, and someone really can’t find it in their heart to forgive you, then that weight is on their mind, not yours. Realizing this lifts the weight of having to seek absolute forgiveness; you can’t control other people, you can only control you. Choose peace, over fretting about what you can’t change.

When you learn to let go of the past and the things you can’t control about that past and the people around you, you’ll be more able to find some peace in your mind, and continue to move forward into a clean, sober life.




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