Fears are fears for a reason. Some can be avoidable like fear of sharks or roller coasters where you can just avoid the ocean and amusement parks. Some fears are hard to avoid like speaking in front of people or fear of rejection. Here are some tips to help you gain courage to face your fears in order for these fears to no longer be fears.

The first way to face your fears is to know that you are not alone. There are many fears that millions of people are afraid to face like fear of heights, spiders, airplanes, heart attacks, small spaces, social fears, etc. Knowing how common these fears are will not make you inferior in being scared of them. The second thing is to make a list of your fears and everything about them such as where they came from, how often you experience these fears, and what happens when confronting them like if you get sweaty, yell, run away, etc. You will be able to see for yourself what makes you scared and if you feel like they are serious enough where you need help overcoming them.

The third thing to do is to find out if your fears are rational or irrational. Rational fears can be things like bears, snakes, sharks, and heights since these are things that can cause harm. Irrational fears are being afraid of cars or planes in fear of crashing. Ask yourself what the chances are of facing the worst case scenario. For example, Harvard Risk Communication instructor David Ropeik said that the chances of dying in a plane crash is one in eleven million. The fourth thing to do is to think of the best case scenario of the situation instead of the worst. For example, instead of picturing something bad happening going on a rollercoaster, think instead of having a good experience that you will remember.

The fifth thing to do is to little by little confront your fears. For example, if you are afraid of rollercoasters, start off by doing a rollercoaster for children where you get a little bit of a thrill. Then just up the intensity of different roller coasters a little bit more at a time so that they do not seem so scary. Do not let all of your fears stay fears but find a little bit of courage each day to face them.

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