With the start of the new year, this can be the start of a new you. You can decide to dedicate yourself this new year by exploring new things and learning new things about yourself. By taking advantage of the world around you as well as different people, you will test yourself as to how much you have grown this year through each kind gesture you make.

You can start your journey of personal growth by knowing who you are as a person such as how you view the world, the way you interact with others, and what makes you happy or scared. It is knowing those deep, personal facts about yourself that will tell you what you are doing right and what you need to work on. You can also be around people that will give you a different perspective instead of people who all think the same way. You can meet people who do amazing things and can rub their kindness and compassion off to you, inspiring you to be a better person. You should also get rid of people who bring you down physically or emotionally whether these friends abuse substances or commit crimes or if your boss or co-workers give you trouble. It is best to leave those people behind before they destroy your mental health.

As you get older, you will be able to see good things happen to you even if it is something small. To recognize these good things when they come, keep your eyes open and write down all of the good things that happened to you today or what you are thankful for. You can also expand your horizons by meeting new people whether it is taking a class, going to the gym, or joining groups that have the same interests as you.

Sometimes, we are afraid to throw away things because these items can be connected to experiences or people we have met. It is still important to declutter your environment and get rid of items that you never use as stuff is just stuff. Reading will also expand your growth by listening to the voices of authors who were around decades or centuries before you were born where you can time travel with them to different worlds that you will never be able to visit. Taking part in any of these activities will expand your maturity and your character.

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