The FDA has been trying to approve medications that would help people from opioid disorders. In November, the FDA approved Sublocade by the pharmaceutical company Indivior for people with moderate to severe opioid addiction. In as little as one month, Sublocade has the potential to block opioid receptors that cause you to crave your addiction.

A phase three double blind phase three study was done. Patients with moderate to severe opioid addiction were assigned to take either six one-monthly 300 mg doses of Sublocade, two once-monthly 300 mg doses followed by four once-monthly 100 mg doses, or six once-monthly placebo injections. Based on the reports and weekly urine tests, it was proven that Sublocade was more superior than the placebo groups. This study proves that you only need to take Sublocade once a month instead of having to take another buprenorphine injection every day, which is a narcotic pain reliever.

Sublocade works as an injection that releases plasma concentrations of buprenorphine in your system for over thirty days. It will completely block the effects of opioids for a full month in most patients. Sublocade used to only be available as a tablet, dissolvable oral film strip, or as an implant. Now, Sublocade is injected in the abdomen and for patients who have been on buprenorphine for at least seven days. Of course, Sublocade should not be considered as the full method to treating opioid addiction as you should still take Sublocade with a variety of therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, motivation enhancement, group therapy, and 12 step programs. According to Sublocade clinical investigator Dr. Boyett, therapies are only 10% effective or less without Sublocade.

Sublocade controls physical withdrawal and cravings after you stop taking opioids and are administered by health care providers. This drug is not for everyone as it has not worked for everyone who has tried it. Dr. Boyett admits that this medication will not be the cure for opioid addiction just like insulin is not the cure for diabetes but Sublocade can be a useful tool to help treat addiction. Sublocade comes in 100-300 milligram doses and runs about $1,580 a month but a co-pay assistance plan will come into place, making it available for $5 a month. Medications like Sublocade have the potential to help treat opioid addiction which can be beneficial to those who want to be clean and stop these cravings from occurring.

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