Anger comes in various degrees. Healthy people can get angry once in a while and move on with their day. Other people get easily upset by disturbances such as a verbal threat from someone or getting cut off on the road. If you do not learn how to control your anger, it is a possibility this can enable drug addiction.

How can drugs soothe anger?

People who are always angry or cannot control their anger may turn to drugs to calm them down. Many drugs soothe disturbing thoughts and impulses, providing a sense of relief. Alcohol can soothe an overactive mind and slow down reflexes. This can be common for those with anger disorders like bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and intermittent explosive disorder. Marijuana can make you feel relaxed and at ease.

How does substance abuse impact anger?

Because an addict does not know how to manage their anger, they respond in unhealthy ways. For example, they may become overly aggressive like punching, hitting, kicking or pushing others when they feel threatened. They can ignore someone they care about for a long time without expressing why they are angry. They can also have fantasies of exacting their revenge through violent methods. Another way is numbing themselves with abusive substances so that they do not confront the issue that is bothering them.

How come addicts cannot manage their anger in a healthy way?

Addicts can be denying their feelings of anger of a traumatic incident and will ignore those feelings, building resentment and anger without noticing. They could have learned unhealthy ways to express their anger after witnessing how their parents handle it or other relatives. Addicts can also be mad at themselves but would rather blame others for their problems.

What are appropriate ways to deal with your anger?

Take a moment to separation yourself from the situation and take a deep breath. Consider the other person’s point of view as it may impact the way you react. Channel your anger in other ways such as sports, exercising, journaling, or any other ways that are healthy. Find out what it is that triggers these intense feelings of anger whether it is certain situations, people, and environments. Try your best to avoid them. If things get too heated, walk away from the situation to better calm down and return when you are in a more relaxed state.

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