Recovery for addiction is a life-changing process. The cost for treatment can be overwhelming and the cost varies, depending on the duration of treatment and the type of rehab you need. For example, inpatient treatment costs more than outpatient treatment and a 9-month program costs more than a 30-day program. The insurance you have might require out-of-pocket costs for copays, medication, and post-treatment therapy and counseling. Do not get discouraged. There are options to consider when it comes to how you can pay for treatment.

  • Talk to the treatment facility and find out if they have any payment plans. Many facilities want to help people who cannot afford treatment. Some offer sliding scale fees, and the cost is based on your income.
  • Turn to supportive and sober family and friends who can help with rehab costs. Loved ones who offer encouragement and provide positive reinforcement want you to see you succeed in your recovery. They can be a great resource for lending you money to help with treatment expenses.
  • Seek assistance from your employer. Sometimes employers assist employees who need drug and alcohol rehab. The employer might also offer to pay for any counseling or therapy after the treatment program ends.

It may take more than one attempt at recovery during treatment because relapse can happen at any time. The key to staying sober is to identify your triggers ahead of time and try to avoid them. Seeing people who participated in your substance abuse or going to a location associated with your drug use or alcohol consumption can be triggers for relapse. If a relapse occurs, the hard work, effort, and investment to detox and go to rehab will be ineffective. This does not mean you are a failure – do not give up.

Life already has its financial challenges. Never feel ashamed to ask for help. The decision to go through a treatment program takes a lot of strength and courage, so do not be hard on yourself. Remember to repay personal loans or anyone who lends you money. Follow through with your commitment.

The cost for treatment pales in comparison to the cost of not getting treatment. Job loss, relationship problems, health complications, incarceration, overdose, and death are costs to pay for not going to rehab. Investing in addiction treatment is worth it.


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