The word spirit is derived from latin and greek terms for breath.  Breath is a fitting description because the human spirit is immaterial and unseen.  Growing in mind and body is easy enough with nutrition, exercise, and education, but how do you grow something that you cannot see?  How do you grow spiritually?

A spiritual person seeks a meaning and purpose in life.  Often this seeking desire is attributed to an outside force, or higher power.  The quest to understand and grow from this belief requires these basic elements.


Any journey towards spiritual growth begins with acquiring knowledge.  If you are starting out on your journey, the process can be a lengthy.  Estimates place the number of religions in the world at over four thousand.  There are no rules saying your spirituality has to be tied to any of them.  To help you land somewhere you will need to figure out what you want from your spirituality.  Once you figure out where to begin you will want to acquire as much knowledge as possible to launch your discovery.


In Christian religions meditation is the act of filling your mind with sacred scriptures and applying their meaning.  Buddhists practice emptying their minds in order to attain inner peace.  Meditation is pliable and can be tailored to your specific needs.  However, meditation’s purpose is to help a person become more connected to a spiritual power.  Whether that power exists somewhere in the universe or within, meditation will help you grow and feel closer to it.


Those who strive for spiritual growth do so because they desire truth, purpose, and meaning in life.  There is no better way to find out if your beliefs can give you those things than to practice them.  The Dalai Lama once said, “My religion is very simple.  My religion is kindness.”  Growth in his beliefs equated to doing good for humankind.  Each time he did something kind for others they benefited as he grew spiritually.


Joining a community that shares your  beliefs will challenge you and help you grow.  You will encounter different viewpoints that you will need to process.  Many spiritual communities also offer teachers and other gurus who are very willing to pass on what they have learned from their experiences.  Communities also offer a spiritual support system.

Overall the spiritual journey is one of excitement and adventure.  Your challenge will be to enjoy the journey as you strive for the destination.


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