When you exit treatment after an addiction to drugs or alcohol, depending on your situation, there’s a very good chance that you may have to rebuild a lot of bridges in your life before you can even begin to have your feet under you again. Your financial situation may be terrible, you may not even have a job or a place to live, and when you’re in this kind of situation, it can be extremely overwhelming, especially for someone fresh out of addiction treatment. You may find yourself questioning how you could ever possibly start fresh in life after some of your choices or the situation you’re in? There’s a simple secret to doing this.

You take each day as it comes. Every single morning, you get up, you brush your teeth and have a healthy breakfast, and you face whatever you have to. Look at it this way, you probably endured a lot of really awful, hard things while you were struggling with addiction, and you may still be dealing with a lot of unpleasantness, but look at your track record so far. Despite your stumbles, despite mistakes and bad choices, you’re still here, you still have made it through every day of your life so far, and you’re still alive. Every day is the fresh start you’re looking for, if you’re willing to work for it.

It’d be nice if it was as simple as the movies where we can just move to a brand new town or state and immediately get a great new job and everything just falls into place, but more often than not, it doesn’t work that way. You have to face the consequences of your past, but that doesn’t mean you have to linger on them. By simply facing each day as it comes while always working to better yourself and your situation, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to have a clean slate. By facing things, rather than hiding from them, you’re slowly learning to forgive yourself, whether you realize it or not, and the only way you can really, truly have a fresh start in life is if you learn to forgive yourself. You can’t control whether or not the people around you will give their forgiveness, but if you give it to yourself, you let yourself have that fresh start you’re searching for.





Every new journey in life starts with a first step. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s time to stop trying to go it alone, and get help. The Springboard Center can provide you with a tailored treatment plan in either a residential or outpatient program, and they offer support for your family, something that may help with mending bridges and that fresh start you’re searching for. Make the call today and get help: 432-620-0255