A stressed employee is not going to be very productive at work. It is difficult to find time to meditate in a stressful environment, but it is one way employers are seeking to help boost productivity while giving employees a time to reset their minds during the day and offer a respite from a crazy schedule at work.


It helps to close your eyes for a moment and become aware of the breath. This helps you focus, obtain clarity, and enter a calm state. It is simple to do this at your desk. Even if you’re at a computer, you can breathe in and out a few times, put your feet on the floor, and allow your breath to enhance your work.

Walking Meditation

People often skip breaks or lunches to work straight through on a project. There are myriad benefits to interrupting the day to work more diligently and focus on what will bring you peace. People who get up and practice walking meditation believe paying attention to this and how their feet touch the ground change their pace of life.

Body Focus

This meditation can be done anywhere, anytime. It starts with scanning the body, crown of the head down to the toes, and observing every area of relaxation. This helps lower tension in the body. It may be difficult to subscribe to a meditation and learn to be fully present, especially after having a calendar full of meetings. Meditation is a technique worth the discipline and commitment. A clear mind can express clear thoughts with the help of effective communication.

The overall goal of meditation at work is to increase the capacity to be present for yourself and others around you. Colleagues and bosses will surely benefit when you are able to be more focused on your work and you will feel better if you are producing better results at work. This can lead to feeling happy overall in other areas of your life, including personal life at home. Other tips to help enhance meditation at work include:

  • Finding quiet space to meditate
  • Getting outside as much as possible
  • Incorporating meditation into before and after work activities

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