A toxic relationship is when you are with someone who is ruining your life and making you feel bad about yourself. You could be in a toxic relationship for a long time and not know you are in one until someone points it out to you or when you hit rock bottom. It is important to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship so that you can get out of it while you still can.

Walking on eggshells

You could have a partner who is very controlling and easily offended by even the smallest things you point out. Your partner may not always react with violence but you may feel like you have to watch what you say in fear of what your partner will say or do to you. You should be able to be open and honest with your partner without being afraid of the actions that follow after.

You cannot get your way

A toxic partner can be someone who always calls the shots and tells you what to do. They dictate where you go, what you eat, how you spend your time, etc. If your friends ask you to hang out with them, you might get the urge to keep asking your partner if it is okay. You may feel like you have to give up your voice because you are made to feel like your opinions do not matter.

Do not appreciate each other

You might be so used to each other’s company that you no longer do nice things for each other. If you make a meal for your partner or you offer to help them, they no longer say thank you to you or help you put the groceries away when you hold them by the handful. They may feel like they do not have to since doing nice things is a normal routine. You both should want to be in each other’s company and feel grateful when doing something thoughtful.

Physical violence

Violence may not always leave a mark but it can still be painful. Maybe after every disagreement that you try to walk away from, you partner grabs your arm hard or there is always a slap in the face when you disagree. Never feel like you deserve any of those actions as it may be normal to have disagreements but it is another to use violence to show that anger.

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