It is hard to maintain balance in today’s society. There are so many things pulling our attention every which direction. It may be fun to try so many different things, but in recovery, your attention, time, and energy need to be focused on sobriety. Now that you are sober, your life seems to hang in the balance with every decision you make. Maybe you want it to be easier, but you only have what you have in front of you.

Keep Busy

The old saying that busy hands are happy hands is one that can help people in recovery stay focused on balance. When the mind drifts, it bends towards old habits. Out of boredom, the person with addiction may rationalize and say that they could have had a drink or get high without anyone noticing. The thing is, you notice it is happening. If there is free time, you need to:

  • Volunteer your time
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Start an exercise regimen
  • Spring clean at home
  • Attend support meetings

Get Organized

It is common for people with addiction to live a life of chaos while using drugs or alcohol. Most of the person’s attention is on getting and using the substances. Everything else is background noise. Getting organized can help people stay focused. Have a detailed plan and schedule for how to stay on track. Don’t vary much from this at first, early on in sobriety, to keep yourself moving forward.

Eyes on the Prize

Think of your initial motivation. Whatever the reasons were, don’t lose sight of them. Even if you have to write them down and post them, do this. To break up with dependency, the emphasis must always be on short-term and long-term benefits of sobriety.

Keep learning as much as you can in recovery. Soak in as much information as you can about your addiction, as long as it is from a reliable source. Read books, go to group, talk to people, stay curious, and never stop exploring. Don’t focus on what you’re missing. Focus on what is going right and helping you stay clear-headed. This will help you stay focused on what is happening in your recovery, rather than worrying about anybody else. The goal is to find balance as it looks for you and helps you move forward.

We will help you move forward in recovery with our addiction treatment program and services. By utilizing a set of diverse methods of addiction treatment, we are able to deal with your addiction from all angles and concentrate on every aspect of your healing process. It is important to recognize that many of our services offer a group setting and environment, so that the client spends time with other people affected by the same chronic disease and problems. 432-620-0255