Relapse is not something that happens to everyone, but it can happen to anyone in recovery. Nobody is immune to it. If you find yourself in the pitfalls of a relapse, it is a requirement to seek help because you cannot fight it alone. THe most important thing that happens after relapse is how you respond.

Relapse is Not Failure

There is a temptation to think that relapse is failure. It does not make all the work in recovery a wash just because you fell off the wagon or could not stay sober when you were triggered. A relapse is a setback from a period of improvement. The guilt and shame people feel for elapsing can feel like a tidal wave. This may cause a person to head into a tailspin and snowball even faster into active addiction.

Get Support

Sometimes when a person feels guilt, they may have a setback. Reaching out for support can be scary but that is only because a person is hiding something inside. This will only set a person back more. It is critical to reach out for support as soon as possible after a person uses alcohol or drugs. Make sure to reach out to those who will support and encourage you to stay accountable. The sooner you’ve reached out for support, the faster you get on track.

Assess Needs

Relapse is a clear sign something is wrong and there may be issues that need to be addressed. Without processing and reflection, it is possible you will be able to avoid relapse should the same issue return. Use this time to realize what didn’t work or was not sufficient and figure out what you need to be successful. This may look wholly different from anything else you’ve done before, but don’t be afraid to step into that knowing that you can only determine what is best for yourself, with the help of trusted providers. Figure out how you can step back into a routine that will better support your recovery. It may mean assessing who you are around, your job, creating a different outlook, and figuring out how to do things differently now in recovery.

You are not alone in the struggle, there are many people who relapse in recovery. Find people who know the struggle and can support you getting back up again without judgment. There are people who have been down this path and you won’t be the last person to relapse. Let others support your journey forward and keep you on the path to success.

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