When a person is caught up in addiction, it is easy to lose connection to friends, family, and yourself. It is also easy to lose connection to the present, because it feels uncomfortable and difficult to battle against those cravings that pop up in recovery. Returning to self-destructive behaviors of the past is not a great option. The only way forward is to learn how to connect to the present.

Practicing Presence

Taking away addiction leaves people feeling exposed. If you are struggling in recovery, you are not alone. Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill that supports healthy living. Taking the first step to connect with the present may feel overwhelming but it is necessary. Here are some steps you can take to move forward:

  • Slow down. It is easy to feel like you have to be all things to all people at the same time, including yourself. That makes every moment pass in a blur. It means learning to slow down to notice what time actually feels like. This can include taking the long, scenic way, to work, walk instead of drive, or watch a sunset instead of staying indoors for the night. Try: sitting still for 30 seconds. Notice breathing and body’s feelings. When it feels comfortable, expand to longer lengths of time.
  • Be mindful. Addictions are designed to help people numb and check out. The brain takes a holiday while survival-oriented behavior takes over. Getting reconnected means finding what is worthy in the moment and savoring it. Try: using your senses each moment of the day. Notice what you hear, taste, smell, and see as a way to imprint the present moment.
  • Have fun. Addiction recovery is serious work. There are ways to enjoy yourself. The better you feel the more you heal. When you have fun, you are more connected to yourself and others. Try: identifying an activity that makes you laugh, smile, or feel free. Schedule time to go have fun.

Addictions often play on your emotions and make you feel like you need the substance or behavior to function. Being present takes focus and determination. When addiction is removed, you can be healthy and focused on the present moment without worry. Trying these strategies can help you become more comfortable in managing your mood and behavior to get it under control.

The Springboard Center’s addiction treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of each client. The best way to tackle recovery is head on with the right tools and resources. . It is important to recognize that many of our services offer a group setting and environment, so that the client spends time with other people affected by the same chronic disease and problems. 432-620-0255