People suffering from addiction come up with a number of reasons why they refuse to go into treatment like thinking there is no hope for them or that drugs are the only way they can feel better. Another excuse is not having the transportation to get to treatment as not everyone has a car. Hospitals are trying their hardest to work with transportation companies like Uber to ensure that addicts have access to go to treatment for a successful recovery.

It can be hard for people with addiction to get a ride to treatment if they do not have a car. They can blame the harsh weather like if it is too humid or cold outside. Walking to the bus stop can wear off the temptation to go to treatment. Transportation companies like Uber can make it much more convenient and will take you to treatment on time. St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland is offering free Uber services for addiction patients to improve attendance for assessment and treatment at Rosary Hall’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP).

Eleven patients have enrolled in 156 Uber rides to and from treatment and they have not missed a single IOP or individual counselling. In thirty days, Rosary Hall saw 71% attended IOPs and 62% attended individualized counselling. While there would be grant funded bus passes to take addicts to treatment and single ride cab vouchers from detox to the next level of treatment, there would be no access for those not yet enrolled in a program for initial assessment.

During the first few months of last year, there was only 20% of participation which means that those with addiction have lost the courage to seek help. They feel guilty that they did not show up for their appointment and think that the treatment center will not take them back if they call them back. This can also be a problem for the program in that if someone schedules an hour and a half to two hour appointment and the patient does not show up, that appointment could have been for someone who was willing to be there. It is important for patients to show up to three to five day detox, four three hour IOP sessions a week for the first five weeks, and individual counselling. St. Vincent’s plans to provide free Uber transportation for 228 client to bring addicts to treatment.

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