Keeping friendships is just as hard as making them. Whether you are too busy with your new career, classes, or are making recovery efforts, friendship is a two-way street that requires everyone making the effort. In order to keep your friendship, it is important to remember why you became friends in the first place and to keep in contact as much as possible.

Friendship does not happen on its own. If both parties are not talking to each other, that will not help the friendship and you might not speak to each other again. You both need to be determined to remain in contact with each other. You can send texts every once in a while but it is important to make the connection more personal. In a text message, you might not feel comfortable typing out everything on an iPhone screen if you have a long story to tell. The longer you take in contacting your friend, the more stories you will have to tell. If you live too far away from each other to visit, make a phone call or a video chat. The important thing is to stay connected on a daily basis.

Make time to see each other. Try your best not to use the excuse that you are busy no matter how true that is. Spending time with our friends can help destress and give us a break from thinking about them. You do not need to plan a full vacation with them but you can arrange a time on your lunch break to go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee, or grab lunch somewhere close. You can also during your days off arrange a night to yourselves. It may be helpful to tell each other the days both of you are busy whether they are shifts or days you normally go to therapy or AA meetings. Think to yourself whether the only memories you would rather have are the stressful days you had in the office or the wonderful times you had with your friends.

Think of what drew you to your friend in the first place. Think of the hobbies the two of you had that connected you. Do things that the two of you used to do all of the time like go to a concert or a show. Friendships are hard to come by so hold onto them tight.

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