The holidays can be a tough time for everyone.  If you are recovering from an addiction it can be even harder.  The time of year that is full of joy for some can be completely arduous for others.  This holiday season, prepare yourself by putting together a sobriety plan.  It may be a good idea to attend additional meetings during the holiday season.  Talk to your therapist, sponsor, or members of your group meetings about how you will handle some of the stressors that may arise.  Try to avoid being alone.  Isolation during the holidays can be hard for anyone and can be especially daunting when trying to maintain your sobriety. Here are a few holiday stumbling blocks to look out for:

Holiday Parties:

This time of year it seems like there is a party every weekend.  These parties typically include alcohol.  Find a non-alcoholic drink that will be your go to at parties and make sure you always have one in your hand.  If you have a drink in your hand it will be less likely that someone will offer you one.  In case you are still offered a drink, practice how you will respond ahead of time.  A simple “I don’t drink anymore” may suffice, however, if you don’t want to be open about your sobriety you can always respond with “I’m the designated driver”.

Financial Stresses:

The holidays are expensive.  The added financial stress can be a heavy burden.  Try to avoid the stress of the added expenses by planning ahead.  Start saving a little extra money throughout the year so that you are prepared when the time does come around.

Family Troubles:

The holidays are a time of year that families typically get together.  This can be great but it can also be extremely stressful if relationships are strained.  Make sure to talk to a family member that you are close with beforehand to ensure you have an ally should any awkward situations arise.  Try to drive yourself to any engagements and make sure you have an escape plan in case things get tough.  When you find yourself in a difficult situation it is always ok to just walk away.

The holidays can be hard but you have the tools to get through.  Have faith in yourself but make sure you have someone that you can talk to.  Try to avoid stressors as much as possible and understand that what you are feeling is completely normal.

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