When someone struggles with drug or alcohol addiction for any period of time, they may feel like life sober is simply too hard. They feel they may never find their purpose or a meaning for their life outside of drug or alcohol use, and it can seem overwhelming, trying to build a successful life after struggling with addiction.  During treatment, patients may be able to try some new things, like a new sport or activity indoors or out that piques their interest. Part of any good treatment program will be helping you find a new hobby, something that you can put your energy into and a goal to work towards.

One of the most obvious benefits of hobbies is that they help prevent boredom. Boredom is one of the biggest threats to sobriety, because boredom gives you time to think and take a trip down memory lane, often to memories and events that could trigger you and lead to a relapse. A hobby that you truly enjoy that’s healthy keeps you from having so much of that down time that could spell trouble for your recovery. Hobbies that keep you active have the added bonus of promoting a healthier lifestyle, one that can help your body begin to repair itself if you’ve had a long struggle with addiction.

Having a healthy hobby can also be a big boost to your self worth. Often times in addiction treatment and recovery, our self esteem can be extremely low. By finding something that you are good at or enjoy shows you that you CAN succeed at what you want to do, and that rush of self-worth is a good thing for your mental well being.

Above of, taking part in a healthy activity that you really enjoy shows you that you simply don’t need the substance that had it’s claws in you for so long in order to have fun and enjoy life. Before, the slightest bit of boredom could have sent you rushing to get a fix, but by working at a new craft or playing a new sport, you’re teaching yourself to be productive and positive with your thoughts.

The right healthy hobby can make all the difference in your recovery by giving you something productive to focus on that gives you a major boost to your self worth and confidence levels.





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