The American Heart Association says that we should walk 10,000 steps a day to be healthy. You could count calories and you can track your steps if you bring your phone everywhere with you. To avoid having to carry your cell phone everywhere with you, getting a FitBit will track your steps and teach you how to be healthy.

A FitBit is a step tracker that is in the form of a watch. According to DMR business statistics, there are 25 million active FitBit users with 73.7 trillion steps all users have taken. Each FitBit has their own features. The most basic ones include telling you all of the steps you have walked, your distance, and how many calories you have burned. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can track a sleeping goal of how many hours you would like to sleep and your sleeping will be tracked from the minute you fall asleep to when you wake up in the morning. Instead of hearing the blast of a loud alarm, the FitBit has a silent alarm that vibrates your risk to wake you up. If you have moments where you need to relax and begin to feel panicky, your FitBit has a feature that has breathing exercises you can follow.

Another benefit of the FitBit is for weight loss. You can count your calories on the FitBit app as well as put in your goal weight. Since your FitBit tells you how many calories you burn, it will give you an accurate idea of how many calories to consume. You can also put in the FitBit app how many hours of activity you would like to achieve during the day. You do not need to put in what exercise you are doing as the Smart Track will be able to detect what you are doing like walking, aerobics, sports, ellipticals, etc.

There is a feature on the FitBit where you can get reminders every hour of how many steps to walk for you to get to your goal such as walking 250 steps every hour to get to 10,000 steps. Getting constant reminders will alert you that you need to continue staying in shape. When you do reach your step goal, your FitBit will light up in excitement for reaching your goal, making you proud and confident that you can keep this up every day.

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