When we struggle with addiction, we often lie outright to the people around us. Whether it’s occasionally, daily or if every word out of our mouth is untrue, it has a massive ripple effect through our lives. Despite what we’d rather think, almost every relationship, friendship or association is based on trust. Family, friends and employers are most often affected by this when someone in their life or business is struggling with an addiction. It’s the foundation that gives your words weight or meaning, and if it’s not there, it can be hard to convince your family that you’re truly trying to turn your life around.

Once addiction treatment is completed and we’re back in the ‘real world’, we may fool ourselves into thinking that things will simply pick up where they left off when we first began fighting our addiction. Unfortunately, in many cases it’s quite the opposite. Despite that they may be thrilled or overjoyed that you’ve finished a treatment program, the lies told during your addiction may still impact your friends and family, especially if you lied for money. It can be extremely hard to let being lied to go, and it can become frustrating to both sides when there’s a lack of trust.

Trust with your family, friends or coworkers is a lot like having a bucket of water. The more you lie and deceive them, you’re just punching more and more holes in the side of the bucket, letting all that trust and goodwill escape. Even if they’re several smaller holes, or lies, versus larger ones, the water leaves all the same. When you return from treatment, you’re often working to make amends, essentially trying to patch the bucket and fill it again. Every time you come through with what you said or what you promised to do, another hole is slowly filled and the bucket holds just a little more water again. It can be a slow process, and when your family is distrustful of you, it’s not a fun feeling, but it’s a necessary one, for you and for them.

Understand that regaining your family’s trust after lying and addiction can take time. Keep your promises, say what you mean and mean what you say. Only complete honesty, and being willing to admit when you may have fallen into old habits, will help you continue to move forward and repair the trust between you.






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