Gambling addiction can be hard to tell others as you never want others to know that you are not in control. You are afraid of the judgment you may receive from those you love and feel ashamed. All of these feelings weatherman Spencer Christian went through and he broke the stigma of his addiction by writing a book on his struggles to encourage others to get help.

Spencer Christian has been gambling since the 1970s when casinos first started opening in Atlantic City. It started off first as beginner’s luck but then he got hooked and started playing for higher stakes. During his duration as a weatherman, feature reporter, and guest anchor from 1986-1999, he would hide his addiction on set. He was afraid of what others would think of him and that he would think of himself as “stupid” or “foolish.” Before he would gamble, he would go to three or four banks with separate accounts to take cash out only to redeposit more cash in.

Christian was contacted by the FBI when his activities were looking suspicious like he was smuggling drug money. The FBI told him that he knows he is not doing anything illegal but recommended him that he seek help. His daughter, who was engaged, also told her father that she should get help as she reminded him that she wants him to be a good role model to her future children. That was when he knew that he had to do something about his addiction. Christian is currently working at ABC7 in San Francisco.

Christian spoke about his personal struggles regarding gambling addiction in his book “You Bet Your Life.” He felt like this book was a big confession to himself and the world and hopes that others will be inspired to get help just like he did. It is currently a number one new release in Gambling Addiction and Recovery on Amazon. Gambling addiction is something that you should not be ashamed to admit as we are all humans and we all have struggles that we need help with. Keeping your problems inside will not help them go away but could make things worse. Do  not wait until you hit a financial rock bottom and damage your personal relationships to realize you need help. Christian getting help should inspire other people in high-profile careers not to be afraid to talk about your struggles.

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