Group therapy is a great way not to feel alone as you are with others going through the same struggles too. Group therapy can be fun depending on the activity. The activities you can do in group therapy involve how to relate to each other, challenge perceptions you have on each other, and build relationships.

Every session should always start out with an icebreaker to better get to know each other if you continue to see the same people. Icebreakers will help break the tension like having everyone in the group say something that you would not know about them by looking at them. Another way to play is sharing two truths and a lie to see which statement is untrue. A second activity would be to discuss your triggers that lead you to substance abuse. Make a list of activities that cause you to have triggers that make you vulnerable or anxious, giving other people a chance in the group to tell you what to do when they occur.

A third group therapy activity is to take notes on any distractions from your recovery and coping methods like calling a friend, going for a walk, hearing relaxing music, cooking a meal, or writing in a journal. Other people in the group can give you ideas that you might not have heard of. A fourth activity can be to prepare a speech of stories to share of your addiction and your recovery efforts. Imagine the audience hearing this speech like if would be given in a high school class or a college when deciding what is or is not appropriate to say. You might learn something about yourself when giving this speech and want to make a happy ending that is showing you are trying to recover instead of having it end where you stay at rock bottom.

A fifth activity is to discuss who your role models are or who they were. Talk about what behaviors or personality traits you like about your role model. If that person is no longer your role model, explain why. See if this role model has traits that are worth following and how those flaws make you feel. Maybe someone else in the group has a better role model that you can look up to. Any of these activities can help your recovery in making new friends and working together to achieve sobriety.

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