When we’re caught in a cycle of constantly focusing on what’s going wrong, or what isn’t going the way we want, it’s incredibly easy to miss the things that usually mean the most. Things may not be going right. You may be having a terrible day. Even on the very worst of days, there are things in life that aren’t as bad as they seem- things that may even help turn your day around if you could take the time to notice them. If we’re caught up in a self-focused view, we miss the things, people, and events around us that aren’t so bad. Everyday, the negative thinking continues to build.

Life as a human anywhere on Earth can be tough at times. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is hard when you’re in the trenches of one of life’s many challenges. Giving into negative can feel easier than doing the work it takes to pause, reconsider, and make a change. Think about this:

  • Did you wake up with a roof over your head?
  • What about clean water, or food?
  • Do you have clean clothes, shoes, and family or friends in your life?

You have a lot to be grateful for. Things at work can be rocky, you can be struggling with your finances or your relationship, and the more negative you think, the harder things will slowly get. You are indeed what you think.

Instead of thinking about how frustrated you are about having to work late, for example, be grateful for the opportunity to earn a little extra overtime cash. When you’re having just the worst day imaginable where nothing’s going right, look for the things you can be grateful for instead of stewing over what’s gone wrong.

Having the right mindset is everything for maintaining your abstinence from drugs and alcohol. By being grateful for the little things in life, from having clean sheets on your bed to being thankful that you made it through another day, you turn your perspective around. If you think positively, you’ll act positively. When you think and act positively, positive things tend to happen in your life. If you find that you’ve been fooled into a cycle of negative thinking again, which will inevitably happen, remind yourself of how much you have to be grateful for. You may find that your newfound grateful attitude can help you keep perspective.






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