How is it possible that the laughter of children can be heard in the slums of Indonesia?  How can a person who just lost everything in a devastating flood still exude joy?  The answer is mindset.  Anyone has the power to change their mindset.   Studies show that having a positive mindset benefits a person’s well-being tremendously.  Gratefulness is identified as a key link to developing an optimistic mindset.  Here are some ways you can tap into gratefulness and reap the benefits for your recovery journey.


  • Go through a mental list of things you are thankful for in recovery.  The recovery journey can be daunting and discouraging at times.  Recalling what you are thankful for because of your treatment can inject new passion to stay in the fight.
  • Practice the art of mindful gratefulness when the world presses in.  Life can throw a lot a stress in your way.  By considering in those moments what you are grateful for you can diminish stress’ negative impact.  As someone in recovery you know stress can trigger addiction.  Use gratefulness to combat relapse.
  • Be grateful for the little things.  There are many things you can now enjoy in recovery that you would not be able to otherwise.  Now that your mind is freeing itself from a consuming addiction, you can notice other things to enjoy in the world.  Being grateful for small joys, like a walk on a sunny day, is a step toward realizing a fuller life in recovery.
  • Be thankful for other’s recovery.   If you are in treatment or group sessions you will encounter others who are succeeding in their recovery.  Being thankful for their success will help you understand how your friends and loved ones feel about your recovery.  As you realize how many people are cheering for your success, you can regain new strength to press on toward the prize of a fuller life.
  • Be grateful that you can now help others.  Helping others face their fight will infuse new life into your own recovery story.  You will witness other addicts go through your same journey, and you will be able to celebrate common milestones together.

Gratefulness is a powerful tool, but there is a difference between being grateful after receiving a benefit and gratefulness becoming a part of you. It is important to thank people for favors, but cultivating gratefulness as part of your personality is what will yield lasting positive effects on your life and recovery.

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