You are what you eat. You reap what you sow. What you give is what you get. Chances are, you’ve probably heard one of these phrases used before to explain that the attitude with which you approach life, and the choices you make, play a major part in determining how you not only treat yourself, but how you treat others and how you react to the stresses and events that come with life. When you’re someone who’s faced an addiction in the past, this is exceedingly important; a large majority of people who battle an addiction to drugs or alcohol suffer from low self esteem or self confidence, and often struggle with other issues as well.

What’s important to remember is that no matter how positive you are, and how much good you pour out of and into yourself, there are always going to be times when life is hard. There are going to be things that happen that make you just want to give up, and unfortunately, all the good vibes in the world can’t change that fact. What having that positive attitude CAN do, however, is change how you react to those things that happen, and how you let them affect you.

If you’re constantly beating yourself up and tearing yourself down, or sharing negativity with the people around you, if something life-altering were to happen, chances are you would probably react strongly and feel extremely overwhelmed, even if it turns out that the situation is relatively minor. Being positive and having a good outlook on life keeps things in perspective for you. It helps you look at the things you say, do or think more objectively, meaning you’re not going to be as hard on yourself as you normally might have been. Most likely, it’s just a bad situation, not a bad life, and when your outlook on life is a good one, you’ll remember that.

Most of all, having a good, positive outlook on life reminds you to appreciate how far you’ve come, especially if you’ve struggled with addiction in the past. You can’t change what happened before, but with that good outlook of yours, you know that what matters is the choice you make from that day on. Everyday is a fresh start, rather than another day trapped in negativity.





If you’re currently struggling with addiction, don’t let it cloud how you see life. No matter where you’re at now, there IS hope for a healthy, bright future ahead of you. The Springboard Center has both inpatient and outpatient programs that are custom fit to address your needs, and they’re ready to help guide you out of addiction into recovery. It’s never too late to change your outlook on life. Call and get help today: 432-620-0255