Crystal healing is just one remedy people turn to in recovery in support of their journey. Even if a person does not understand how it works, crystals have been used for healing in many ways for centuries. Popular alternative healing practices like yoga, meditation, and others including crystal healing as part of the experience. The goal is to keep yourself healthy and sober in recovery. Find out which crystals help with healing in addiction recovery and ways to explore their use.

How it Works

Everything has energy, and certain crystals and gemstones have certain properties, so it matters which you use and how. There are innumerable minerals and crystals abundant on the planet that can help for many issues, including addiction. Following the theory of crystal therapy, each mineral’s electromagnetic field communicates with one’s own to help bring out the highest potential. Crystals can help clear the mind of negativity, pointing you in the right direction to help stabilize your emotions and connect you to higher entities.

Alcohol Addiction

These crystals are helpful in support of healing from alcohol addiction:

  • Amethyst: touted among crystal healers as the go-to for addiction to any substance. It helps bring people closer to their own spirituality, bestow wisdom, and wash away negativity with divine wisdom. Meditation with this tone can help cleanse and recharge the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Celestite: emanates a soothing aura to help relax and release stress. Revered for healing power and teaches people to find calmness and healing and mental clarity.

Cocaine Addiction

These crystals have been used in support of healing from cocaine addiction:

  • Selenite: derives its name from the moon and teaches people how to dispel negativity inward and outward by relying on intuition. Helps people maintain happy relationships with loved ones and friends, bringing harmony and light in times of darkness.
  • Aventurine: known as a fairy stone, aventurine is supposed to help bring benevolent energy into one’s life, promoting luck and merriment. Aventurine helps people break habits and develop perseverance

Heroin Addiction

The following crystals have been used to help aid healing from heroin addiction:

  • Lepidolite: brings hope in dark times and promotes truth, serenity, and peace. A stone of transformation, it encourages self-love, patience, and optimism. Said to help stabilize emotions like PTSD and manic depression.
  • Rose Quartz: a universal stone of love, helps people overcome trauma by teaching them to open hearts and communicate with people. Helps soothe a troubled mind, bringing calm feelings and encouraging creativity, art, music, and writing.

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