Heroin is one of the most destructive drugs in existence, and it’s truly no surprise that it’s one of the most commonly used drugs as well. Heroin has a reputation for being a one hit hook, meaning all it takes for many people to become addicted to it is just one hit, and in a heartbeat, someone is caught tight in its grip.

Heroin addiction wreaks havoc on your body. In the short term, it leads to slowed breathing, heart rate, drowsiness and extreme euphoria, and over a long period of time, it can cause serious health complications, anything from heart failure to serious infections or diseases from sharing needles. Not only does it hook you fast, but it’s extremely potent, and once you’re addicted to it, it’s hard to shake loose.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to heroin, you may have wondered or are wondering at what point you need to try and get help for your addiction. The right time is: as soon as you realize you have a problem. The moment you realize you’ve lost control over your relationship with any substance, you need to get help and get clean before you continue to spiral downward. Get help the day you realize how far you’ve fallen, and the day you realize how far you could go if you weren’t being dragged down by heroin.

This may be after you come down from a high one day in your home, or it could be while you’re in a hospital bed after an overdose or other health problem related to your heroin use. It could be after your child or your spouse cries themselves to sleep after you miss an important even because you were high. It could be when you find yourself in a jail cell, or in the back of a police car. It doesn’t matter where it happens, what matters is that it happens, and you make that call to get help.





If you’re battling an addiction to heroin, you don’t have to go through it alone. The Springboard Center is ready to help you combat your addiction by offering both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that are tailored to fit your life and your needs. The time to get help for your heroin addiction is today. The Springboard Center is available 24/7. Make the call and get help today: 432-620-0255.