Recovery is something every person with addiction strives to achieve and maintain. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, though if you’re just starting out on the road to sobriety, it can be hard to see the end from where you’re standing now. Regardless of where you’re at, recovery is what you’re looking to achieve, but there are some aspects of it you may not be considering. These are things you should take into consideration as you go through your treatment plan, and your addiction counselors or sponsors can help you come up with a program that will help you truly shake addiction by preparing you for things you may not have expected. We’ve compiled a list of four things you probably didn’t know about recovery to help you stay focused on your recovery and sobriety.


  1. There is no 100% cure – Treatment gives you the tools you need to manage the disease of addiction that you have and keep yourself on the right road, but once you leave treatment, it’s completely in your hands to stay in recovery. You’re in remission until you stop using the tools you’ve worked hard to learn. No one can give you your sobriety – you have to work for it daily.
  2. You may grieve for a while – Your old lifestyle may be filled with horrible things and horrible people, but no matter what you went through, be prepared to grieve for a time for the addiction you lost. If you have years tied up in addiction, this can be especially hard to let got of all that time.
  3. Recovery doesn’t just mean changing your surroundings – in many cases, a fresh start with new people and new surroundings can be just what you need, but it can also simply be running from what you’ve done in the past. Part of recovery means facing your life – all of it, sober.
  4. It’s a lifelong commitment – Getting sober and living sober are two vastly different things. Almost any addict can sober up if kept away from their substance for long enough, but making the choice to live their daily lives sober is an every day victory that equals lasting recovery.




If you’re battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s time to stop doing it alone. Getting the right help for your addiction can make the difference between setting yourself up for success and just going through the motions. Recovery can be hard, but it’s worth every hard earned day. Call The Springboard Center today for information on our quality treatment programs for addiction and alcoholism serving the Permian Basin with recovery: 432-620-0255