Every person has things in their past they wish they could hide, forget or change. When we struggle with addiction, we often make some extremely regretful choices, whether it’s about our health, finances or relationship. In sobriety, these choices can haunt us to no seeming end, keeping us awake and constantly replaying our mistakes and past choices in our mind at night. No amount of regret, prayers or wishes can turn the clock back to those choices, and while it’s a hard fact to stomach, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Rafiki, from Disney’s The Lion King, knew exactly what this means: “Yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” While life is more serious than an animated movie, that sentence is extremely pertinent in recovery and sobriety when you’re trying to find a way to move forward.

Acceptance is key here. Truly accepting that we can’t change what has already happened can pave the way for the emotional healing needed to begin to let those choices go. Your morals, values and thoughts are likely not the same as they were in the past, whether you struggled with addiction or not. Our past choices, especially the wrong ones, can open our eyes to what’s really important to us, and while it can be scary to think that you’ve changed in such a potentially drastic way, being able to accept that is part of the process.

Turn away from tearing yourself down constantly about your past mistakes. Beating yourself up over something you can’t control or change now will only make you feel worse the longer you do it, and it’s important to learn that showing yourself even the smallest bit of compassion will help heal your wounds. We can’t begin to live a more aware life, focusing on what matters to us if we’re too busy tearing ourselves down. Love yourself enough to let go of the past, and reaffirm to yourself that you ARE worth the effort.

Dealing with our past is often painful, in more ways than one. We usually find ourselves fighting off feelings of humiliation, sadness or shame. We’re not owned by our past, yet we continually choose to let it define our present and future. Understand that you are so much more than your mistakes and your past, and know that moving forward is worth it.






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