Life can be a bear at times. A really big, really mean and really ugly one that just seems to be determined to eat you alive and then some. It can be truly awful, scary and heartbreaking in any number of ways for any number of reasons, and when you’re going through a period in your life where it just seems to be one awful thing happening after another, it can almost be too much for you to bear. Even in the worst of times, however, there is always something positive to be found. It’s learning to stop focusing on what’s going wrong and think about what’s going right that is the challenge.

What you get out of life is often what you put into it, in one way or another. If all you focus on is the negativity and the heartbreak, that’s all you will ever see. There could be amazing, joyful things happening all around you, but it could just all pass you by because you’re so focused on the bad things. So how do you change how you look at life?

You just do it. If you’re having an irritating day full of things not going right, force yourself to think about something that’s gone right, even if it’s only one thing in the entire day. Choose to look at the bright side of things, even when things are dark, and the more you decide to focus your thoughts and energy on the good in life, it’s likely that you’ll start to experience more and more of the good. That doesn’t mean the terrible things are going away; you’re just taking a stand on how much they affect you. Focusing your thoughts on the good things in life takes away the power negativity has over you, and it makes a bigger difference than you think.

So instead of throwing in the towel when life is harsh, fight back. Instead of letting that negativity linger over you, choose to see that good in life, even the smallest things that make it better. You see the good in life by choosing to believe that life, even when it’s bad, is pretty good.






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