Crystal meth, a synthetic stimulant, is one of the most addictive drugs out there. It’s notorious for being addicting early on in use, and many suggest that a single hit is all it takes to get hooked. The drug is made from a variety of chemicals, and the products purity and potencey can vary wildly on the street. Any use of meth, whether orally, snorted, injected or smoked, has a high risk of serious effects that often lead to addiction.

The euphoric effects of meth are usually strongest on the first use. Each subsequent use is usually an attempt to relive or replicate that first high, which is normally extremely intense.  This is one of the reasons people become addicted to meth so quickly, the rush that comes with using it can be harder to replicate without using more frequently or using more. Exactly how long it takes for a person to become addicted depends on a wide variety of factors, including:

The method of ingesting – How someone uses the drug can affect how fast they get addicted. Someone who smokes meth will often experience that rush of pleasure or euphoria, called a flash. People who smoke meth often binge-use or rapidly increase their doseage in an attempt to relive that extremely powerful sensation, an act that normally causes a rapid onset of addiction. Someone who snorts or ingests meth will experience a slower-acting sensation.

Pre existing mental conditions – People who suffer from mental illness, disorder or strain are already at greater risk for addiction. The euphoria that meth provides is often a relief from their suffering, even if it’s only temporary, though they rarely consider the consequences of their drug use to self medicate

Social pressures – Peer pressure isn’t just affecting high schoolers anymore; a portion of al people in treatment for addiction tried the substance originally after being heavily pressured by a friend, loved one or coworker. The people around us often hold a stronger influence than we realize.

There is no definite number of times you have to use crystal meth before you become addicted. As with all chemical addictions, there are many factors that influence how fast or slow our bodies get hooked to a substance. If you use crystal meth, even if you’re not addicted, it can have serious consequences for your health, especially with prolonged use.


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