One of the best things about ringing in the new year is the fact that it’s a brand new year. It’s as close to a fresh start as many people get in their life, and while it may be just another year for some people, others eagerly await having that new beginning. Some use it as a way to have a fresh starting point in a relationship that’s become rocky, others take the opportunity to change jobs or locations, and others still use it as a chance to let go of some of their past.

A fresh start, no matter what part of your life needs the new chance, is something you should take advantage of. Even if you’re not a fan of making resolutions for the new year, take the opportunity to really look at the past 365 days. Were you happy with your choices? Is your life heading in a direction you’re happy with? If so, keep on keeping on, but if not, why not make a fresh go of it in the next year?

The key to having a fresh start when the clock strikes midnight and 2018 arrives is this: let it go and let yourself grow. Nine times out of ten, the only thing holding you back is yourself, whether you realize it or not. Love yourself enough to let go of your past: the things you did and said while you were struggling with addiction are already said and done, literally. Nothing you do now can change your past, so embrace it, then let it go. Letting go makes room for you to grow, whether you change your job, your house, your city or even just what time you wake up in the morning. Letting go and giving yourself that fresh start gives you the opportunity to make a change for the better somewhere else in your life. It’s okay not to know exactly what you want to do or where you want to go from here, all that matters is that you keep going, one day after another, choosing to continue to work at your sobriety and always moving onward and upward.





Stop being your own biggest obstacle, whether you’re wanting to give yourself a clean, fresh start for the new year or you’re thinking about trying to get clean for the first time. Drug and alcohol addiction can feel like it controls your life, but there’s hope. The Springboard Center has outpatient and residential treatment programs that can be tailored to your needs. Don’t stand in your own way one more day, make the call and get help: 432-620-0255