It can be hard to fall asleep when we have so many worries that we know we have to tackle. That stress can keep us up all night and make it harder for us to fall asleep. Because anxiety can keep us up, it is important that we change our thought patterns. The best way to fall asleep is to clear your mind and put them away for another day.

The first way to tackle your anxiety before you sleep is to find the source of the worries. It can also be the room you are sleeping in like if too much light is coming in, the room is too cold, or there is too much noise from the outside that is fueling your nerves. Trying wearing earplugs or a sleeping mask to block the light from coming in as well as thicker blinds. If you do not fall asleep within twenty to thirty minutes, you might need to switch rooms. As an outlet for your worries, you should write them all day on a piece of paper whether it is your job or your relationships that are troubling you. You can either throw that piece of paper away to symbolize your worries being gone or you can put that list aside to save solving those worries for another day. If there is any quick, unfinished business that you can accomplish, such as calling someone you got into a fight with to make up, get that done so you can sleep soundly.

Your sleeping schedule can also be off in which you are forcing yourself to sleep at a scheduled time when you are not tired. You should be sleeping for seven to eight hours. Find a different time to sleep when you are the most tired so that you should easily be more relaxed. If you cannot fall asleep and you do not want to be up too late, read a book, drink hot tea, listen to relaxing music, or meditate so that you can be one with your thoughts. Make sure not to go on your phone or your computer at the bright light or surfing the internet or through channels will make you awake even more. If your worries have been keeping you up every night where you could be developing anxiety or insomnia, see a trained therapist to help you sort your worries and sleep well.

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