People struggling with addiction are ashamed to tell people. Especially if you are famous, you want to maintain a perfect image for fans to have of you. Former WWE wrestler Eva Marie decided to come clean recently about her alcoholism in hopes that others would be confident to share their story as well.

Eva Marie was a WWE wrestler from July 1, 2013 after seeing a casting call and she began her training for WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. She also starred in reality shows such as “Total Divas” and “Swerved.” Marie retired from wrestling in 2017. She wrote an essay for InStyle magazine about her battle with alcoholism. According to her essay, before she became a wrestler, she was living in an apartment that was cheap for her since her last tenant was murdered there but still in a bad neighborhood. She was having trouble making ends meet and she was in jail for three months because of multiple DUIs. Because of the trouble she was in and how she disappointed her love ones, she decided to achieve sobriety. She has been sober for the past five years and still attendings Alcoholics Anonymous meetings early in the morning as well as meets with her sponsor.

Marie was honest in her essay by explaining that despite being sober for five years, she is not cured by alcoholism and that she will have it for the rest of her life. Marie also said that she was afraid to talk about her alcoholism because she was scared of being judged or looked at strangely. That by admitting she could not handle her addiction it meant she was “weak.” She felt that telling the truth of her alcoholism was what saved her life because that caused her to get help. Since she is the one with alcoholism, it is up to her to get treatment for it.

Marie ended her essay by saying to never give up on their recovery even if a relapse occurs. She now works as an actress, fitness model, and fashion designer as well as being married to fitness business owner Jonathan Coyle since 2014. She believes the journey to sobriety is always worth it. We can learn from people like Eva Marie in that looking strong on the outside can still mean that you are battling addiction but erasing the stigma can prove your strength as well.

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