Essential oils come from highly concentrated liquids derived from plants that you can find at your local grocery store. Certain essential oils have the potential to reduce anxiety where the vapor enters the bloodstream and gets in your endocrine system, changing your stress reactions.

The vapor in essential oils is absorbed to the brain tissue where memory, emotions, and the lymphatic brain is connected to your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. It works by putting the oil on your fingertips and dabbing it on your temple, the spot between your eyebrows, and the top bridge of your nose. Slowly breathe in and out five to six breaths to calm your nervous system for the most effect. One essential oil to calm anxiety is lavender containing linalool which is not only a sedative but relaxes your muscles, lowers blood pressure, increases your circulation, and lowers cortisol in the bloodstream. According to the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, patients were given lavender and it improved their restlessness, distorted sleep, and overall wellbeing. Lemongrass can reduce anxiety in three to six drops and tension levels according to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Bitter Orange oil comes from fruit, petitgrain from the leaf, and neroli which comes from the flower. A Mei University study showed that inhaling this oil reduces antidepressants and returns the endocrine and immune systems to normal levels. A Physiology & Behavior study showed that while people waited for a dental procedure, they were less anxious smelling Bitter Orange oil than listening to calm music. Clary Sage oil affects the muscles and hormonal system. This would be perfect to use during menstruation or pregnancy. The Journal of Phytotherapy Research says that Clary Sage reduces cortisol levels up to 36% and can act as an antidepressant.

Vetiver oil can evaporate on the body after two days. It will slow you down, calm you, and will feel grounded. According to Natural Product Research journal, this oil has treated the anxiety in rats but more needs to be done for human research. Ylang Ylang oil comes from the Indonesian cananga tree. The Geochang Provincial College in Korea did a study where once a day for four weeks, a combination of Vetiver oil, bergamot, and lavender lowered stress responses, cortisol levels, and blood pressure. By breathing in the soothing chemicals these essential oils have to offer, you will feel calm and relaxed.

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