Going to college is like walking into a whole new world but can unfortunately cause you to start forming bad habits or other students can encourage you to continue them. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, 49% of full-time college students do drugs. College students need to know that drugs are not the answer to escaping college stress and not to give into peer pressure or you could ruin your future.

Doing drugs in college is easier than when you were in high school since freshman year normally requires you to live on campus. You would be away from your parents and can even live states or countries away from them. They would have no control over your activities if you are long distance from them and they cannot enforce rules or punish you for your actions.

College students might feel pressure to fit in like if older students make you feel like the only way to be accepted is to do drugs with them. Drugs can give you more confidence and overcome shyness, helping you out socially in school. Students can also do drugs to help them study better and as a way to escape the stress they are in. There is so much to try to get used to in college like being in a new environment, meeting new people, classes, and having a job. Students may feel like drugs are the only way to cope with their stress. Student athletes can feel pressure to do drugs as well to perform better to get professional contracts, scholarships, and fame.

There are different drugs that students try in college like seeking out prescription drugs they do not need in order to feel high or not taking their own medication to sell them to others. Some take Adderall to improve athletic performance, get high, or to help stay awake to study and get energized. Marijuana is another drug to help reduce anxiety and feel a mellow high. Ecstasy is considered a party drug that gives a massive high and lowers your inhibitions- calling it the “date rape drug.” There are also “pharm parties” where you take a variety of prescription drugs to feel the side effects. Visit your student health clinic and you will be provided with your first consultation and will be referred to a substance abuse specialist to overcome your addiction.

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