It can be so easy sometimes to beat up on yourself when you are doing your best, day by day, to get ahead in sobriety. Maybe it is hard to see your strengths when it seems like everyone (including you) is pointing out where you failed or were weakest. Try these tips for recognizing where your strengths are and how to put it all into a positive perspective in recovery.

Say No (to Negativity)

Usually people find it easier to find fault with others than the positive. Identifying one’s faults is much easier than discovering our strengths. We are more likely to tear ourselves down that build ourselves up. This is also true in the midst of an addiction struggle. For a long lasting, healthy recovery, we need to find a better way of focusing on what makes us stronger. To do this, we can just say no to things, people, and ideas that no longer serve our greatest and highest good (without the guilt).

Find Your Strengths

When focusing on our strengths, it helps to focus on our abilities rather than the shortcomings. Mental health issues are a part of life and it helps to focus on healing those and giving yourself some space to do this. When you focus on developing your assets, hopes, inspirations, and interests you can move forward in life with a more positive attitude focused on growth. Some of the ways to focus on strengths include:

  • Personal qualities
  • Discover what you have learned about yourself
  • Discover what you have learned about the world
  • Focus on education and learning as much as possible to grow
  • Assess all the good parts of your life right now and what is going well

Cultivating Strengths

Once you have identified your strengths, you can focus on them and work to make them stronger. Start by focusing on them to work and make them stronger. Know whether or not you have access to resources that can help you like professional counseling and support groups. Choose a few of them to start with and practice making those as strong as possible. When you focus on cultivating your strengths, you can begin to grow into the person you want to become in recovery.

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