There are some people that grow up with the mind of an addict with makes them easily exposed to addiction. They already had character traits in them that can help produce an addiction when introduced to a harmful substance. It is important to remember that despite your personality, addiction is not a permanent state of being and you can always get help for it.


Genes can play a part in addiction where it can spread from relative to relative. If you were born to the parents of drug addicts and you get adopted by non-addict parents, there is half a chance that you will become an addict as well or you can take after the parents who raise you.


Where you live can also play a factor in addiction. If you live in an area where there is easy access to get drugs and you see a lot of people in your area using, it is a possibility you will use to in order to fit in with them. It can do with whether or not your parents pay attention to your activities or if they use in front of you. If they do, this might be all you are taught about drug use.

Love for excitement

You can have a risk-taking personality where you love the rush. Maybe you like to drive fast, go on roller-coasters, or anything else that can give you a dopamine rush to feel pleasure. Too much of a dopamine rush can lead to a tolerance which will make you use larger quantities at a greater frequency for that buzz that got you hooked in the first place.


You may have a tendency to make quick, snappy decisions on a whim. It can also mean that you are not thinking about what the worst case scenarios can be if you make these risks. Making too many impulsive decisions can lead to a lot of regrets.

Trouble quitting

How you truly know you are an addict is if you continue to seek out drugs even though it has made a negative impact on your family, job, education, and friends. Even though you see your life falling apart, you still feel like it will get worse if you cannot acquire more drugs. It becomes your daily mission to get more drugs even if it means committing crimes or lying to people to get it.

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