Winter has a reputation for bringing out the grouchiest and meanest sides of people. With the days growing shorter and short and the winds colder and colder, it’s not uncommon for people to feel a little down and out of sorts during the winter months. SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, affects millions of people across the globe. While it may be tempting to want to just bury your head under your pillow and hibernate until spring, we’ve gathered some tips below to help you thrive this winter instead of trudging through until the thaw.

  1. Try something new- Take up some new hobby during the winter, anything from joining a gym to working on model cars or writing a blog.
  2. Visit loved ones – Socializing with the people you love does your mental health some good, and even if you only visit for a little while, making the effort to visit the people you care about will give both of you a healthy dose of positivity.
  3. Stay warm – Being cold tends to make people more depressed. Don’t let yourself get cold often, and stay bundled up and cozy. The more comfortable you are, the less likely your mood will take a turn for the worse.
  4. Stay active – Even just one hour of walking or being active can help you as much as sitting in the sun to combat the winter blues.
  5. Get some sun – speaking of sitting in the sun, either get an hour of sunshine a day minimum or purchase a lightbox if sunlight is limited where you are. Natural light is a good thing for your soul, and the vitamin D is good for your morale.
  6. Eat healthy – If you’re packing on the pounds with potatoes and pasta throughout the winter, come spring you’re going to be even more down. Work to balance your comfort foods with healthier choices.

Winter can be a difficult season for many people to endure, and it can be even more miserable if you’re suffering from the winter blues. By taking some simple steps and putting out a little effort, you can work to combat the gloomy cloud hanging over you and emerge from winter already ready to go, rather than dragging right out of the gate.






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