Before you entered into treatment, maybe your old friends were enabling or supporting your substance abuse instead of encouraging you to get help. Maybe they treated you badly but you still hung out with them because you could not distinguish what friendly and unfriendly behaviors were. When you reach sobriety and you decide to hang around with people who are good for you, you need to know what to do to form a lasting friendship.

To ensure great communication occurs between the two of you, make sure to communicate directly with your friend if something is bothering you instead of freezing them out. Being a great listener is also important in being a good friend by not interrupting your friend when they talk and do not spend the whole time thinking of the next thing you will say. Instead of making assumptions about what your friend is feeling and how they are doing, show concern by asking them questions of their feelings. No matter how busy you are, it is important to check in with your friend to see how they are doing to show you are thinking of them whether it is by stopping by to see them or giving them a phone call to make it more personal than a text.

If you want to get respect from your friend, act respectful such as always being nice to your friend and being civil to them even if you are mad at each other. This means no name calling, shaming, degrading language, mocking, or saying to them how they are feeling. Remember that your friend has feelings too and to treat them the way you would like to be treated. Instead of focusing so much on your friend’s flaws, focus on what your friend means to you and what they have brought to your life to make you happy.

Always thank your friends for what they have done for you and even acknowledge to them the actions that make you happy. For example, “You always make me happy when you…” Find things that both of you like to do together whether it is getting a cup of coffee, seeing a funny movie, taking a class, going to the gym, and other activities including trying something new for the both of you. Good friends are important to keep so make sure you work every day to keep your friendships alive.

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