One of the most common ways some recovering addicts cope with cravings for drug or alcohol is to eat something, whether just a snack or a full meal, to distract themselves. While this in itself may not be unhealthy, if someone has repeated cravings throughout a day, the calories can add up, and it’s important not to replace one addiction with another.

Below are some of the best tips we’ve gathered for you to help you find ways to reach for something besides a snack when you’re coping with cravings.

  1. Get some air – If you’re feeling overwhelmed by cravings for drug or alcohol use, before you reach for something to eat, try going outside and getting some fresh air, even if it’s just to your porch or backyard for a few minutes.
  2. Address the craving issue – if cravings are a regular problem for you, it may be worth addressing the problem with your addiction counselor or sponsor. There may be something in your environment or in your life that’s triggering you without you even realizing it.
  3. Keep busy – Check the mailbox, check your email, start a load of laundry, do literally anything that keeps you from thinking about using, and keeps your hands out of the fridge.
  4. Keep your kitchen healthy – If you’re actually hungry, go ahead and snack, but make sure you’re not keeping your cabinets filled with junk food. Healthier snacks can help you avoid binges on sugary and processed foods, and make you feel more satisfied.
  5. Stay active – Go for a walk, do some yoga, or hit the gym or park with friends or family. Staying active keeps you from accidentally snacking too much to deal with your cravings and keeps you in good health.

It’s tempting to have a comforting snack when we’re feeling overwhelmed by something, especially drugs or alcohol. Food is amazing, and it’s okay to be comforted by it, but be careful not to allow it to become a new addiction for you to turn to when you’re feeling stressed or uncomfortable. Keep your relationship with it healthy, and you’ll be just fine.





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