Addiction is a serious, potentially devastating disease that can have serious ramifications in your life in many different ways. People are affected by addiction in different ways, and over time as we’ve learned more about addiction, we’ve developed a wider range of ways to treat addiction and help people achieve sobriety. There are two general types of programs for addiction treatment, outpatient and inpatient. Outpatient addiction treatment would often be daily meetings with a counselor or drug therapy group, or taking part in a twelve step program, while inpatient treatment programs are at a treatment center, lasting anywhere from thirty to ninety days with more rigorous treatment and therapy available along with a host of other resources.  While both types have their positives, inpatient treatment is preferable for many cases for a number of reasons.

When someone enrolls in an inpatient treatment center, they’re giving themselves a true opportunity to really focus on recovery and changing their lifestyle and habits. Addiction recovery often takes considerable focus and some time to really take root, and by entering an inpatient addiction treatment center, they’re essentially cutting their focus from everything but working to achieve sobriety.

Inpatient centers are also better prepared to help a person deal with the medical side effects of their drug or alcohol use. While not all treatment centers are fully equipped medical centers, no treatment center is without medical supervision and care available at a local hospital should someone need it.

When you choose inpatient treatment, you’re also opening the door to a wider range of treatment options. You may never have tried yoga before, but it could be extremely beneficial for your recovery. You may not have thought learning about the benefits of good nutrition, but you may have the chance in an inpatient facility.

It can be hard to stomach the idea of taking thirty days or more away from your family or job to focus on your addiction and treatment, but taking that time to go to an inpatient facility can really make the difference in your sobriety. You’ll have more time and opportunity to learn healthy coping strategies and habits of a healthy lifestyle in a relaxed, controlled environment.






Addiction can rob you of your health and your dignity. Our 5-week program at The Springboard Center treats the whole person, creating healing in mind, body, and spirit. Bringing together evidence-based treatments and trusted 12-step principles, our best practices create a quality, accessible treatment program serving the Permian Basin and beyond. Call us today for information on our availability: (432) 620-0255