We live in a world where businesses are dependent on technology to record and organize everything. If you prove that you have never used a computer or any type of program, businesses will not want to spend all of their money training you on how to use them. It is important to learn as much as you can about essential computer programs and functions to ensure a good placement at a company that will look good on your resume.

What programs should I learn about word processing?

Try using programs like Microsoft Word which is a word processing program that almost everyone uses. Being experienced using this program can let companies know you are proficient in formatting skills like styles, table of contents, numbered headlines, page and section breaks, margins and line spacing, page numbers, bulleted lists and numberings, header and footer, etc. It also helps to know SmartArt to present your information with graphics. You can add text and shapes to graphics, customize, create shapes, etc. If you can use Microsoft Word, you will get a better understanding of other word processing programs like Google Docs, Pages, WordPad, etc.

What programs should I learn about making spreadsheets?

Using programs like Microsoft Excel can be used to organize, format, and calculate data with formulas. You would be able to perform calculations automatically and create budgets, spreadsheets, timesheets, and others. This would be useful in manager, sales, office administrator, marketing, accountants, and other types of fields. If you can use Microsoft Excel, you will be able to use Calligra Sheets or Numbers.

What programs should I learn about making presentations?

Powerpoint is helpful with working with slides and templates, presenting slideshows, making lists, inserting pictures, shapes, aligning, ordering, and grouping objects. You can animate texts and objects as well as insert media like videos, charts, tables, and SmartArt graphics. This is useful if you ever need to create a presentation for a meeting to present your ideas. After using Powerpoint, you should be able to understand programs like Prezi or Keynote.

What email programs should I know?

Outlook Express is good for sending and receiving emails, organizing and managing them, managing contacts and calendars. You would be able to organize your emails by putting them into folders, prioritizing them, and knowing how to forward and reply back. After using Outlook Express, you would be able to understand programs like Mozilla Thunderbird.





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