When people think of drug addictions many images materialize.  A pipe that is smoking, a rolled up bill next to white powdery substances, and a tied off arm next to a syringe.  These images are indicative of common drugs like crack, meth, and heroine.  Those are dangerous drugs, but the following common drug addictions not in the limelight are equally deadly.

  • Designer drugs – This category of drugs encompasses a wide range of synthetic drugs blended up by chemists and amateurs alike.  They can also be referred to as club drugs, and take the form of uppers and downers, or anything in between.  The drugs are usually designed to mimic the effects of other big name street drugs or pharmaceuticals.  In mimicking their effects, these drugs also carry their addictive traits.  Designer drugs are particularly dangerous for addicts because treatment for an overdose may be ineffective without a toxicology report.
  • Prescription stimulants – This category holds some addictive drugs that are increasing in supply due to the growing diagnosis of ADHD in children and teens.  Drugs such as Ritalin effectively help those with ADHD, but like many other prescription drugs are addictive and can be abused.  Other prescription drugs that fall into this category are those prescribed to treat depression and narcolepsy.
  • Sedatives – Most commonly these are sleeping pills and can be either prescribed or purchased over the counter.  Other more subtle sedatives that can be purchased over the counter include medications for colds and allergies.  The highly addictive chemical inside these medications is dextromethorphan.  Dextromethorphan is a common ingredient also found in many illegal street drugs.
  • Whip-its or Nitrous Oxide –  This chemical agent is also known as laughing gas.  It is readily available and addictive.  Large canisters can be purchased, but many canned spray foods also contain small amounts of the gas.  This makes it easy to access via the grocery store.  Whip-its is a term used by addicts because canned whip cream is a common source for the gas.
  • Psychedelic Plants – These plants offer the user an addictive out-of-body experience alongside a psychedelic experience.  The most common plant digested is the Psilocybin mushroom, but other plants such as Peyote, Khat, and Kratom offer similar experiences.

No one can be aware of all drug addictions all the time.  The drug scene is dynamic.  However, training to notice the universal signs of addiction can help a person intervene before it is too late.  If you or someone you love begins to display addictive behavior, seek help immediately.

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