The first 60 days of sobriety will be very challenging. Drug and alcohol addiction leads to a path of destruction in a person’s life. Drug and alcohol abuse turned into a habit and your brain became physically and psychologically dependent on drugs and alcohol. In the first 60 days of being sober, you might not see any changes right away. Changes will happen when you continue to work on your recovery.

Training your brain to function normally takes patience, time, and hard work. When in treatment, you will learn from others’ experiences, reflect on your life, and receive guidance and direction from therapists and counselors. Since everyone’s situation and treatment is different, some people will need more than 60 days to notice any changes.

As you continue to apply the strategies discussed in treatment, you might notice some changes in the first 60 days of sobriety. The drug and alcohol addiction affected relationships with your family and friends. During recovery, your family and friends also need time to heal. As long as you set your mind to living sober, and invest more time and attention to healing relationships, you will begin to notice family and friends are more important than the drugs and alcohol you once craved. How you see yourself substance-free allows you to recognize your relationships with family and friends and they become more meaningful.

Stay active with healthy activities tol help you in the recovery process. Exercise, sports, hobby interests, reading, and watching movies are some of the healthy choices to stay active. Get together with sober friends and family who you can go out with and laugh. Sober friendships can develop through AA/NAR-ANON meetings or group therapy sessions.

Triggers for relapse will be challenging to avoid in the first 60 days. Stay positive, have sober family and friends encourage and support you, and do not give up. During this time, you will gradually see your life change. Apply the techniques you learned in treatment to avoid relapse. A sober life will feel refreshing, as if you have a new life, and gets better as time goes on. There is hope for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.


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