It can be shameful for celebrities to let people know that they have an addiction. They already feel like their life is no longer private and they do not want to let anyone down by saying they use drugs. There are a bunch of celebrities who have gone to rehab in secret and did not tell anyone until much later.

Actor Ben Affleck is one celebrity who revealed in March 14, 2016 that he was an alcoholic on Facebook and was in rehab. He previously went to rehab in 2001 but it was never brought up again. He was also spotted with a detox nurse in January 2017. He is getting help now so he can be a better role model to his kids and to teach them that there is no shame in getting help. Singer and actress Selena Gomez checked into rehab in 2014 as a source told Radar Online that she was partying hard, experimenting with marijuana, Xanax and Ambien. She left treatment after two weeks and did not seek outpatient treatment or therapy after she left. In 2016, Gomez bailed on her world tour and checked in a rehab in Tennessee to deal with the anxiety and depression related to her lupus.

After actor Brad Pitt got divorced, he spent time at a sober retreat at the Casa Del Mar resort in Santa Monica, California and threw a party for his Narcotics Anonymous group. 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas missed work for a few weeks in November 2013 to check into rehab for her alcohol abuse and none of her colleagues knew the real reason why as they thought she was on medical leave. Actress Demi Moore in 2012 checked into the Cirque Lodge rehab in Utah to cope with addiction and eating disorder issues. Weeks before, she was hospitalized for substance abuse after having a seizure during a house party from a reaction to nitrous oxide and checked out a month later.

In spring 2013, actor Zac Efron checked into rehab for substance abuse and no one knew about it until September that year. He finally came clean about his addiction in May 2014 and has been sober since. One thing that all of these celebrities have in common is that they have all acknowledged what an amazing impact treatment had on their addiction recovery and that they are proud to come clean about it.

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