If you have been out of work for a long time while being in recovery, there may be some people skills that you need to work on. Skills that will make you stay with a company for a long time is the way you work with others. By thinking of other people are maintaining a positive attitude, people will see you as a team player and will want to work with you.

One way to show you are paying attention to someone is to stop looking at your phone. That will send a message to someone that a phone call or email is more important than the person who is there with you. Your full attention needs to be on the people who are talking to you in-person. Phone calls and emails can be put on hold. You can also set aside some time to be with coworkers outside of the office like getting a coffee or finding a fun activity for everyone to do to bond, strengthening the relationship you have with each other in the office. Make sure that when you share work with someone that you share credit as well. More people will want to work with you knowing that you give credit where credit is due and that you are not trying to steal all of the glory.

When someone does send you an email, do not take too long to respond as your co-workers will think that you believe they are not important enough to respond to. If an email takes a few minutes to respond to, respond immediately. If you do not have time to write a full email, email that person telling them you will explain more in a phone call or in person. Keeping a positive attitude will make more people be able to come to you and work with you as they will know you tend to look on the bright side and are open to any solution that works out well for everyone. When you speak to someone, make sure to look at them when you talk as looking away can give them a signal that you are not confident in your words, could be lying to them, or have poor speech habits. Looking at someone when they talk shows you are comfortable with them. Above all, try to be a friend to everyone and think the best of people.





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