Many doctors prescribe the painkiller Vicodin to treat injuries after surgery. Like many painkillers, Vicodin has the potential to be addictive when taking a higher dose than prescribed. If you feel like you cannot live life normally without taking Vicodin, then it is possible that you have an addiction and need to get help before irreversible damage comes.

What is Vicodin?

A medication of acetaminophen and hydrocodone that can be an addictive painkiller for mild to severe pain.

What are the immediate effects to Vicodin addiction?

The immediate effects include pleasure, relaxation, body weakness, ears ringing, convulsions, seizures, constricted pupils, difficulty urinating, slowed heartbeat and breathing, and drowsiness. Immediate psychological effects include lowered inhibitions, unusual mood changes, bad judgment, euphoria, impair decision making, memory problems, fear, paranoia, and irritability.

What are the long-term effects of Vicodin addiction?

Long-term effects include having trouble relating to others, worsening mental illness, poor immunity, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular troubles, pregnancy complications, changes in brain function, memory, and intelligence.

Who is at risk for Vicodin addiction?

Your chances of becoming addicted to Vicodin are high if you have a history of addiction, are in a lot of pain, and those who use frequently. Youth with access to Vicodin are also at risk as well as those with untreated conditions like PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, or depression.

How do I know I need treatment?

You know you need treatment for Vicodin addiction if you feel like you cannot feel normal without it, running out of your prescription early, self-harming urges, symptoms of mental decline, seeing more than one prescriber for Vicodin, getting Vicodin illegally, and having withdrawal symptoms when lowering the dose.

What are treatment options for Vicodin addiction?

There is outpatient treatment where you get treatment on a weekly basis while still living at home. There is also hospitalization where you can get taken care of for withdrawal symptoms, detox, and round-the-clock medical care which is useful for those who take heavy doses. Luxury resorts have private rooms, massages, hiking, tennis, meditation, golf, and specialized nutrition. Residential treatment is helpful to be away for a longer time to achieve a successful recovery and get away from any triggers present at home. Executive rehab can be beneficial for those that need to continue their business obligations as they will have access to phones, computers, and faxes to continue going to meetings and continue to get their work done.

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